What is Biologic dentistry? 

Also known as mercury free, holistic, biocompatible or whatever word you choose to use it all means HEALTHY!  In dentistry there are a lot of obvious and hidden toxins/chemicals-some of which patients know about and many of which they don’t.

Who practices Holistic/Biologic Dentistry?

We are typically general dentists who have sought further education and training.  When starting your search for a ‘healthy dentist,’ you will want to ask the front office certain questions about the dentist and staff.

1. Do they practice safe mercury removal such as rubber dams, alternate oxygen source, high speed air vacuum, air ionizer?

2. Are they members of any organizations that validates their training such as Huggins Alliance, IAOMT, IABDM, HAD?

3. Has their staff had any training along side the dentist?

4. Do they work with Integrative medicine MD’s or Naturopathic doctors that can discuss chelation (heavy metal removal from your body) as an adjunct to your mercury removal?

5. Do they do compatibility testing?

Why go the holistic/biologic dental route?

In a lot of our dental materials are toxic materials like neurotoxic mercury, BPA (bis-phenol A) that causes certain cancers, aluminum, etc.  If there is a way to be treated for your dental issues and avoid these materials-ask yourself…Why not?

Do you pay more to go to a Holistic/Biologic dentist rather than a ‘regular’ dentist? 


How do I find a ‘Healthy Dentist’?

You may have to do a google search of some of the words I have listed and call the offices. Some screening needs to be done on the patients end.  Many dentists are starting to advertise as Holistic/Biologic offices, when they are in fact not!  Please do your home work!