Mercury Rising: The Truth about Amalgam fillings


It’s like perception, politics, and preference… it all depends on who you ask. Amalgam fillings are controversial in that depending on who you ask, some claim they are beyond toxic, and some sources deny there is anything wrong with mercury at all.Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, usually at the helm of reasonable and smart medical practices have actually outlawed amalgam and Europe is calling on a resolution to begin restricting or phasing it out.

Mercury is said to produce immunological, neurological, and even psychological problems, the riskiest in fetus and children. The World Health Organization writes, “Mercury is highly toxic and harmful to health. Approximately 80% of inhaled mercury vapor is absorbed in the blood through the lungs, causing damages to lungs, kidneys and the nervous, digestive, respiratory and immune systems. Health effects from excessive mercury exposure include tremors, impaired vision and hearing, paralysis, insomnia, emotional instability, developmental deficits during fetal development, and attention deficit and developmental delays during childhood.”

Basically Amalgam is a neurotoxin affecting our bodies, environment, dentists offices & staff, and it requires that you remove a significant amount of tooth matter, which damages the structural integrity of your teeth. We are all well aware of the stories of serious unexplainable health symptoms rippling into someone’s life until they removed old amalgam mercury fillings to be completely eradicated from the body altogether.

amalgam filling

amalgam filling removal

We facilitate the mercury safe removal of the toxic amalgam fillings using such tools as oxygen cannula for an alternative air source, air ionizer, dental AirVac, high volume suction, copious amount of water, activated charcoal just to name a few. We guide our patients through safe removal from the mouth and work closely with our fellow medical colleagues to remove remaining mercury from your body systems as well.

We believe there are better alternatives and it’s part of the reason we are a holistic dental office. We believe in a metal free alternative with replacement of healthy materials not only for your mouth but for your overall body and organ systems.

We believe non-mercury fillings are the way of the future, for your holistic health and for your life. This may be why you have chosen a holistic dentist, and if not, this is one main reason to consider doing so.

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