Preventive Dentistry


What is preventative dentistry?

Just as you may suspect, we want to do everything we can do for you to NOT get cavities, gum disease, grind/clench your teeth.

How can this be done and who can help me with this?

Come in for your routine cleanings with our amazing dental hygienist.  She will remove all plaque and tarter from our teeth.  This will leave your gums healthy and inflammation free.  You will also have whiter, brighter, and smooth teeth.

Coming in for your routine exams, having the dentist show you were you have weak spots in your mouth that may turn into a cavity can help you boost your home care to prevent an actual cavity from occurring.

Some people are grinders/clenchers.  The dentist can tell if this is the case when you the patient may not be aware of it.  If the dentist can detect a wear pattern, loos of tooth structure, muscle tightness, we can create a custom night guard to prevent this.

Why do we want to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, or grinding/clenching?

We do know that cavities in the long run can lead ultimately to tooth loss, and we want you to have all of your teeth until you are 99!  Loss of teeth leads to loss of chewing function, lack of proper digestion, tmj problems, and a lot of money, time, pain spent trying to replace missing teeth.

It is good to help protect your teeth against grinding because it can lead to fractures in your teeth, loss of teeth, pain in the joint of your jaw, headaches, ringing in your ear, neck/shoulder pain, and bone loss in your mouth.  The use of a simple appliance like a night guard can do wonders

Preventing gum disease can prevent BAD BREATH, loss of teeth, having long and funny looking teeth.  It is the foundation in your mouth…good gums/bones = good teeth.


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