Toothpaste: Choosing What to Buy & What Ingredients to Shy Away From!


The age of the traditional toothpaste brand is going as small company’s offering alternative wellness products are popping up in high demand.

The difference: non-toxic ingredients. Savvy consumers like you know their ingredients more than generations before them. The mass production age is meeting with the age of awareness. Women wearing beauty products don’t want animal testing, and no matter how beautiful products may advertise to make them, women are increasingly buying the products that are also good for them internally.

The organic toothpaste age is dawning! If you check out the toothpaste aisle in any wellness store, or online, you’ll find a lot of alternatives to the big name brands you grew up with. It’s no longer about choosing between Crest & Colgate.

Your choice has expanded to excluding the toxic ingredients previously considered healthy for you to be in contact with (provided you didn’t swallow large quantities). But here’s the thing, health care products such as lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and toothpastes immediately contact the largest organ of your body, your dermis, or skin.

Your skin is absorptive. Your mouth has an even more direct line to absorption underneath your tongue and through your tongue where any products in your mouth will go into your body. It’s not about swallowing. Would you gargle Windex provided you didn’t swallow any?



What you should NOT be putting on your teeth and gums. Below are a few main ingredients we believe are the ones to ensure your toothpaste brand does not carry and why:

1. Propylene Glycol- this is a key ingredient in anti-freeze. Would you brush your teeth with anti-freeze?

2. Parabens– This ingredient is controversial. It is not considered toxic, but it has been linked to carcinogenic and estrogenic hormonal level increases and therefore linked to breast cancer. According to an article in “Critical Reviews in Toxicology,” parabens disrupt the human endocrine system. Parabens affect the endocrine system by interrupting the body’s natural process of hormone production. Ironically in many beauty products it is a factor in premature aging.

3. SLS’s (sodium lauryl sulfate’s)- These can be an irritant to the skin, and has been known to cause canker sores and small tears in the mouth. Another article said that animals exposed to SLS experienced depression, labored breathing, diarrhea, and severe skin irritation, and … wait for it… inflammation to the skin. As you know, inflammation is bad for our teeth and gums. When SLS is combined with other chemicals, the resulting compounds could be carcinogenic nitrosamines (cancer causing).

4. Gluten – Just in case you’re celiac or sensitive without knowing it, and because it’s not easy for the body to digest, we suggest staying away.

Organic health stores like Whole Foods and smaller operations are reflecting what’s important today in our culture. With the proliferation of internet shopping, consumers can purchase products they believe are healthy for them. Quite simply, people want to know, and they want to choose accordingly. We want you to know how best you can choose products that are non-toxic and made with the most love.


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