Why do I need a deep cleanings?

Your dentist may state you need a deep cleaning if you have ‘deep pockets’ in multiple teeth throughout your mouth. These deep pockets are found by using a little dental measuring stick and probing all of your teeth.

How is a deep cleaning done and does it hurt, ouch?!?

A deep cleaning, when done properly, is done slowly and carefully. The dental hygienist will spend one hour on one quarter of your mouth.  She will numb you thoroughly in that one quarter area so it will not hurt a bit!

Be aware! If  a dental office does a full mouth deep cleaning (4 quarters of your mouth) in one hour, they are doing you a disservice!  Run…and don’t look back!

Will all my cleanings always need to be deep cleanings?

No.  Once a deep cleaning is completed, you will be put on a ‘normal’ routine recall at the office. This can be anywhere from being seen every 3, 4, or 6 months! Congrats!

What to expect after my deep cleanings? 

Shortly after your deep cleanings, when your anesthesia wears off, you may experience some achiness in your gums. We typically advise doing warm salt water rinses a few times a day or even an ibuprofen may be needed for the first day, but this is rare.  A few weeks after your deep cleaning, some people may notice that their teeth look long.  Don’t be frightened.  When your gums are puffy and have a lot of plaque they appear to cover more of your tooth than they would in a state of health.  You may need to see a gum specialist, known as a Periodontist for long term solutions to ‘long looking’ teeth or mobile teeth after a deep cleaning.

  • “All I can say is WOW! Just WOW.  Kathleen is the hygienist there and she’s very thorough with her work.  She has the lightest touch with her deep cleanings and she’s very easy to talk to.  I highly recommend this office, especially Kathleen!  “
    Vin R. - Patient


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